not so secret garden

Welcome to My Garden

Three Stages of Purple Wreath Flower

Banana Green Leaf Structure

Ladybird Beetle on Roller Coaster

Gooseberry and Its Seed

Garden Scorpion

Inside Magnolia Blossom

Cicada Candelaria

Purple Allamanda

Iguana on Guava

Mushroom Gills

Journey of Two Black Field Ants

Fallen Malay Rose Apple Flowers

Golden Boston Fern With Spores

Leaf Moth

Mabel Orchard Orb-Weaver and Morning Sunlight

Glittering Wax Begonia Leaf

Veins - Burmese Rosewood Seed

Red Ant Anatomy

Red Thorns of Agave

Budding Buddies

Swarming Honey Bees

On Heliconia

Neatly Organized Lines of Ruffled Fan Palm Leaf

Crepe Jasmine - Pinwheel Flower

Lesser Grass Blue Butterflies

The Gardener