Car park - Phoenix, Arizona

Man and tree - at the junction of the Sava and Danube River, Belgrade, Serbia

Tree in the Belgrade Fortress - Belgrade, Serbia

A private home - Ljubljana, Slovenia

Gravel farm road - Kit Carson County, Colorado

Gas pump -Yuma County, Colorado

An original sod house built with squares of sod (compacted soil) - Cheyenne County, Kansas

Horses at sunrise -  Yuma County, Colorado

Water tower - Burlington, Colorado

Gas station -  Burlington, Colorado

Abandoned farm - Kit Carson County, Colorado

Grain elevator - near Hastings, Nebraska

Red barn - near Farmington, Missouri

Covered car -  Tha Din Deang, Bangkok, Thailand

Rubber plantation with sheets of rubber drying - Surat Thani, Thailand

Green valley of rice fields - Laos

Restaurant vent - Bangkok, Thailand

Skyline with Lumpini Park - Bangkok, Thailand

Liberty bridge - Budapest, Hungary

Sky Train at Ploenchit - Bangkok

Teochew Chinese Cemetary - Bangkok, Thailand

Monument Valley - Utah

Canyon country - near Page, Arizona

Auto in the Ghost Town of Gleeson, Arizona

Motorcyclist - near the village of Zoutkamp, Netherlands.

Groingen, Netherlands

Groingen, Netherlands

Housing units - Ploenchit, Bangkok, Thailand

Khlong Wan - Thailand

On the train to Hua Hin,Thailand

Khlong Wan - Thailand

Wat Pra Du Nai Song Tham - Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Art and Cultural Center - Bangkok, Thailand

Rama II Bridge - Bangkok, Thailand